Glazing beads

There are two systems of glazing bead that we use:-

  1. Vented bottom bead with fluted side and top beads.
  2. Plain beveled bead.

All the window photos shown below are of their external view. All the codes for use in the quote request form are shown in red.

Vented bottom glazing bead (VBGB)

The pictures below illustrates the appearance of a stormproof window with vented bottom beads. For the heads and sides we use fluted beads. The vented bottom bead gives superior longevity. When using the vented bead, our join lines on the sashes go horizontally instead of vertically. Traditionally the join lines have always gone vertically but with modern jointing techniques, the join can go either way depending on the manufacturer.


Plain beveled glazing bead (PBB)

The pictures below illustrate our plain beveled bead within a window sash. This pattern of glazing bead maybe considered to be more pleasing to the eye than the vented bead. Sometimes planning authorities will insist on this pattern of bead in conservation areas.