Listed buildings

It is possible to manufacture windows that are a close match to grade II listed building windows. Listed buildings generaly have thinner glazing bars than that of modern windows. Please see the photos below which show the different glazing bars we produce. A 100% match is not always possible. Planning authorities understand this and are usually accepting. The pictures below illustrate the different moulds that we can use on listed building windows. The thinnest bars we can produce are 23mm. This is only achievable on single glazed windows which are putty pointed. Below are examples of each mould.

23mm bars

Pictured on the left is a pine yorkshire sliding sash with 23mm chamfered glazing bars. These are the thinnest bars we can achieve. Beading is not possible in this construction; putty has to be used to hold the glass in.

27mm bars

Pictured on the left is a window with 27mm ovalo glazing bars. On this window we have used a 9 bevel around the frame and an ovalo mould on the casement and glazing bars. A 9mm bead is possible with this glazing bar.