Multipoint locking vs basic fastener and stay.

Multipoint/espag locking is a superior method of securing opening casements in comparison to the traditional basic stay and faster. Multipoint locking is where the casement is fastened shut at multiple points along the locking stile. It also eases the casement into the draft seal which makes opening and closing the window very easy. Multipoint locking usually goes hand in hand with friction hinges(see the 2nd picture below) although, ordinary butt hinges(see the 3rd photo below) can be used as a cheaper alternative or if the window is to be used for egress. A benefit of using friction hinges is that the outside of the window can be cleaned from the inside.

The first picture below shows the internal view of a window with multipoint locking. Please notice that there is no basic stay as the casement uses friction hinges which are concealed. In the second photo there is a casement window illustrating a friction hinge which is circled in red. The friction hinge is used instead of the conventional butt hinge. The third photo shows a casement with a traditional basic stay, fastener and butt hinges.


The traditional basic fastener, stay and butt hinge system is the minimum requirement and doesn't cost any extra. If you require this system please use the code BFF in the quote request form.

The multipoint locking with friction hinges system adds about 30 extra per casement. If you require this system please use the code MPLFS.

The multipoint locking with butt hinges system adds about 20 extra per casement. If you require this system please use the code MPLBS.