Window style options

The style of a window is determined by the glazing bars it contains, i.e., how many, orientation and position.  There are four main styles that we do; plain casement(PC), centre bar(CB), cottage(C) and georgian(G). These styles are explained below. All the window photos shown below are of their external view. All the codes for use in the quote request form are shown in red.

Plain casement style(PC): Below is a photo of a 'plain casement' style window. This style doesn't have any glazing bars.

Centre bar style(CB): Below is a photo of a 'cross bar' style window. This style has one glazing bar running horizontally across it's middle.


Cottage style(C): Below are two photos of 'cottage' style windows. This style has two glazing bars running through the centre of each full height casement criss crossing each other.


Georgian style(G): Below is a photo of a 'georgian' style window. This style has multiple glazing bars that form squarish panes of glass.