When it comes to renovating and an old timber window, quite often the frame is in good condition and it is just the opening casements that need replacing. We can manufacture replacement casements to your specification. The pictures below are to illustrate opening casements; the one on the left is a 'traditional' casement type and the one on the right is a 'stormproof' casement type. See window options for more information.


If you require us to manufacture a casement for you, idealy we will need the casement bringing into our store so our joiner can make a new one like for like. If it is impractical for you to get the casement to us, we will then need several measurements from you. Below are diagrams showing what measurements we will need according to whether you have a traditional or stormproof type casement. Each size we need is labeled with a letter. When taking the measurements you need to make sure they add up correctly, e.g., make sure for stormproof width, f = j+g ; b = c + g + g + j + j ; a = g + g + c ; b = a + j + j.  For stormproof height make sure ; L = o + j + j ; L = n + p + f. We will need the messurements sent by email.

The table below shows our charges for casements within usual sizes for casements.

Timber Type Stormproof Traditional
Softwood 60 60
Sapele 100 100

If you require casements that have glazing bars, we can manufacture these for an additional fee. Price on application. The price includes beading but not glass. Capillary grooves and grooves for ironmongery are included in the price. We do not treat or finish these casements. You must treat them before they are hung otherwise they will swell and bind. Make sure you have at least one top on it to seal it.  Click here for our treament options.

Delivery: For England and Wales the delivery cost will be 20. If you need us to supply glass to go with the casement the delivery cost will rise to 45 for England and Wales.

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